Lead Management Services

Potent Lead Management Processes for Optimized Lead Nurturing a lead converts to business. The role a lead plays in a company's fortunes is multiple. A single lead may give you a million dollar deal or nothing at all. The enticement of the million dollar dream should be the reason for a fantastic lead management system in place.

A lead generation, management and nurturing platform should be air tight, brilliantly adaptive and highly intuitive. Amwise offers its clients some of the most advanced lead management systems in the business. From the early stages of lead capture to the final stage of sales, every step is carefully designed to accumulate information and use it to your advantage.

Lead generation is done through various means using all the available options such as email, print, telemarketing and so on. Nurturing is where the real smart work happens. Our executives create customized email messages, campaigns, collaterals, and brochures after intensely researching on the leads.

Lead generation and management have evolved over the years and Amwise has kept up with this. A lead lost is revenue lost, and this has driven us to ensure that the lead capture and nurturing systems we use are completely fool proof.

With Amwise Lead Management software, you get:

  • Qualified leads only
  • Lead-quality scoring system
  • All necessary information on the lead
  • Step-by-step nurturing with appropriate content
  • Careful segmentation
  • Behavior analysis and interest tracking
  • Only sales-ready leads forwarded to sales team

The Lead Management system is designed to ensure maximum returns from the lead generation process. Benefit from a multi-stage lead management process for a higher revenue figure.

Demand Generation Services

Attract More Customers with Skillful Demand Generation Tactics Lead generation becomes infinitely easy when demand generation steps into the picture. Generating a lead requires a lot more effort when the demand for the product is less or totally absent. Hence, the trick of the trade is to ensure that potentially interested people know about your product, see it, read about it and finally understand it. That creates an interested mass.

Amwise offers your business the option of generating leads that have very good prior knowledge of your business, products and services. Our methodical demand generation process is designed to suit your needs and is never a one-size-fits-all approach. We understand that generating demand requires a targeted approach.

We create exclusivity for you. A complete analysis of your website, boosting of your online presence, a relook at your print ads, and other collaterals are advisable. At Amwise Outsourcing Solutions, you will get to understand your business from the customer perspective. This has gotten us immense results and you will benefit from it too.

What you gain:

  • Highly specialized approach to demand generation
  • Target specific audiences based on research
  • Complete and prolific online presence
  • Local, global, or a combined approach

Demand generation runs on understanding the needs of the customer and positioning your product or services appropriately. Amwise is the right destination to come to for the right Demand Generation tools and services.

Email Marketing Services

Reach the Right Prospects the Right Way Email marketing pioneered digital marketing. It is essentially the oldest and the most power-packed digital marketing tool available. It is powerful to such an extent that among all the widely used methods, email marketing has the highest ROI.

Amwise offers you its potent and fine tuned email marketing services. It is bespoke and has various inbuilt defense mechanisms to take care of the common pitfalls of email marketing. End-to-end email marketing is our strength. We have designed it in such a way that it can be changed and tweaked according to your needs.

From designing the email pitch with the help of experienced pitch writers, to loading it on SPAM compliant templates, to sending it in a preplanned and methodical manner, Amwise ensures it goes all the way. Another aspect we incorporate is accountability. We have cutting-edge analytical tools, which allow us to track everything the email does, from the moment it goes till it fulfills its purpose.

With our complete Email Marketing plan you get :

  • Exclusive, original pitches written
  • Multiple SPAM compliant templates
  • Ready-to-use databases
  • Analytics
  • Research and tracking tools

Our email campaign management software is highly progressive and goes about its business just like a well-oiled machine! Amwise brings better prospects and leads through email marketing plans and the technology to implement them.

Content Marketing Services

The importance of content only keeps getting bigger. However, high-quality or effective content is never easily produced. The effectiveness of content is a hot topic, everywhere! When your customers read appropriate content, they like gaining the knowledge it has to offer. It is one of the best ways to create interest, generate buzz, and drive traffic to the website.

Amwise offers Content Marketing solutions that are based on understanding your needs. We have a dedicated team of writers who specialize in inbound marketing. Solid content, coupled with smart placement tactics are massive lead generators.

What you gain:

  • Content specifically designed for your services
  • Essential demographics for targeting
  • Social media optimization and targeted placement
  • Lead generation funnels incorporated intrinsically at crucial steps

Content that teaches something new is a fundamental requirement for Amwise standards. That ensures easier lead generation, and yet each lead has good value. That is because leads will reach you without having to be persuaded over calls. Customers should come to you with a high level of trust in your knowledge. That multiplies your chances of converting tremendously.

Proved to be greatly effective, Content Marketing techniques at Amwise see to it that your charts are on a steady climb.

Business Intelligence Services

Beat Competition the Smart Way : Competition does not exist to beat you, it is there for us to learn, evolve and get better. And the best way to do it is through the extensive use of business intelligence channels. With innovative Business Intelligence tactics, learn what your competition is doing, how your industry is faring and the direction in which it is moving.

This requires a concentrated effort by experts in the field andAmwise has a team dedicated to it. These experts on business intelligence are seekers of information which can help you and they present it to you in a manner which is easy to understand and absorb.

Amwise gives you the right tools to get ahead of the competition using Business Intelligence tactics and having your strategies appropriately designed. With decisive and in depth analysis reports created according to what you need, you can then take an informed decision as to what your plan of action should be and also correct any issues which might have been overlooked. Amwise offers Business Intelligence packages so that you can filter what your business needs from a clutter of information.

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