From scratching to creating your own significant database, Amwise provides web research services for all your business requirements. We finish the given web based projects within time with high accuracy and the best quality. A range of comprehensive Web Research services like data extraction, data collection, data harvesting, data mining, and all your other web related requirements are catered to. The different web research services offered are:

  • Web Data Mining and listing
  • Address and E-mail compilation
  • Database Building
  • Populate database of E-commerce websites/online stores
  • Through web research and product research
  • Market research
  • Web survey and analysis
  • Updating Lists
  • Validation of addresses
  • Enhancement of Customer List

Output Data Formats

Output data could be given in any format as desired by the client, such as:

  • Microsoft Excel (*.xls)
  • MS Word (*.doc)
  • MS Access (*.mdb)
  • Acrobat Portable Document format (*PDF)
  • FoxPro, Dbase (*.dbf)
  • ASCII delimited files (*.txt)
  • Binary Files and other formats

The industries we provide services to are:

  • Banking and Financial Institutions
  • Educational Institutes
  • Publishing houses
  • Real Estate
  • Legal
  • Engineering
  • Telecommunication
  • Restaurants & Hotel industry
  • Health care sector
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Transportation services

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