Data degrades at a phenomenal pace - about 15-25% a month. Purchasing a list and then using it after a month will bring down your ROI by about 30%. These are alarming numbers, and they will probably cause you to make Data Appending an unavoidable part of your marketing operations.

Amwise offers a Data Appending process which is precise, periodic, and professional. With email appending and phone appending as part of it, your data is clean and ready to go, as and when required. To ensure the process is complete, a multi stage process is adopted.

Email Appending Services

Why it is useful:

  • Reanimate old contacts. They may turn into valuable prospects.
  • Reduce bounce rate, the bane of the email marketing industry.
  • Reach the right prospect at the right time, a missed prospect is a missed opportunity.

Amwise offers Email Appending services to take your database to its highest potential. Databases which have gone through our process have caused higher ROI and lower bounce rates consistently.

Phone Appending Services

Phone numbers change as much as email ids do, and sometimes even more frequently. To stay updated about your customers, you need to have a Phone Append process.

Amwise provides services to ensure that phone numbers that were provided are still active and in use. Being a pioneer in Phone Appending, match rates here are the highest in the industry and the service gives you accuracy, consistency, and credibility in your data. Amwise is sure to improve your ROI by a substantial margin.

Our match rates are the highest in the industry and provide you with accuracy, consistency and credible data. Amwise is a pioneer in phone appending and incorporating it into your marketing strategy will give you better ROI.

Multiple Contact Appending Services

A superb combination of all types of appending, this is one of the best options when your list has various contact information and needs updating. Multiple contact appending provided by Amwise is one of the best means to ensure that your database is complete in every way.

  • Email ids
  • Phone numbers
  • Postal addresses and codes
  • Employment details
  • Many more of your choice!

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