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Lists offers a smart and effective solution to collect certain missing contact details in your customer database, especially when you have only a huge bit on a profile. Reverse Appending can complete your database with fresh and active contact information to help you execute full-fledged marketing promotions.

If you’ve collected customer email addresses without additional important contact information, AMWISE can help by providing reverse email append services. Send us your email addresses and we can append the name, postal address and phone numbers. We will also flag known complainers and bad or fraudulent email addresses.

In addition, we can append hundreds of consumer demographics to your customer list including phone number, age, income, presence of children and more to help you better segment your list for highly targeted marketing offers. All you need to send us to get started is your list of email addresses with your unique record ID.

Utilize the full suite of email services provided by AMWISE including email append, email validation and reverse email append to keep your customer email list up to date and deliverable.

Reverse Appending service allows you to:

  • Fill the gaps in your database
  • Add first and last name, mailing address, telephone number, company name, industry codes, SIC codes, zip codes, fax number, etc., to each email-database record effortlessly
  • Gain a better understanding of your customers and prospects with their complete information
  • Tune your marketing and customer service efforts as per the requirements

Benefits for us:

  • Connect with your customers through all possible mediums
  • Create personalized marketing messages
  • Segment your database appropriately
  • Support your marketing efforts
  • Contact us for any Reverse appending queries at or click here.

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